SAPPHIRE ULTRACORE is a braided netting. It is made of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and marine grade steel that keeps the predators out. The marine steel is in the core of the braided netting and does not harm the fish. The material is hydrophobic in nature so water does not enter into the fibres. This net has very high cut resistance and stiffness.

The nets are made of different combinations of polyolefin, co-polymer & marine grade steel.

Due to marine grade steel & special co-polymers it is very stiff & has very high cut resistance.


Due to its stiffness the nets are easy to clean at the site with machine or robot.

Compact braiding construction ensures against cuts or holes.

Experienced usage of 7-8 years by customers, due to higher wet abrasion resistance.

Higher cut resistance and stiffness keeps predators out, and thereby reducing stress, fish mortality and escapes

Lower environmental footprint than nylon. These nets have less CO2 emissions and particulate matter formation (PM) than nylon nets.



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