Garfil Nest


Specially designed for codend of shrimp and fish trawl.


  • Knotless- Uniform mesh size
  • RUNNER Material- Light in weight (20% weight advantage)
  • Knotless- Fishes without scratches
  • knotless- easy to clean
  • Knotless- easy to use (ready to use)
  • Knotless- Mending – same as knotted nets
  • Light weight & uniform mesh size- Less drag, leads to fuel saving & better speed of boat


Product Specification

Existing Codend Twisted Twine Size used Equivalent in RunnerCodend
280D/18 Ply Runner 16
280D/24 Ply Runner 20
280D/36 Ply Runner 22
280D/63 Ply Runner 50
280D/2×12 Ply Runner 16
280D/2×15 Ply Runner 20
280D/2×18 Ply Runner 20
280D/2×24 Ply Runner 22
500D/45 Ply Runner 50

* the above specifications are indicative and are likely to change

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