Beach Volleyball Nets




  • Heat set fabric of netting
  • High Shock Resistance of Netting
  • UV Treated
  • Certified Quality Accessories
  • Nets have square mesh and regulation size
  • Better Knot Stability
  • Developed as per International Standards
  • Tailormade and customized as per requirements


  • Top – Orange or any other colour (other than white) PVC Coated Fabric Headband
  • Side & Bottom – Orange PVC coated fabric
  • Cord – PVC Coated Steel Wire Rope
  • Cord Ends – Both Ends Crimped
  • Eyelets – Brass Eyelets
  • Dowels can be provided if required

*Customized nets available on request, depending on size of the order.


Twine Size Mesh size Square Mesh Length Height
mm Twine Type Colour mm Inch Mtrs Foot Mtrs Foot
3 BRAIDED BLACK 100 4’ 9.5 31 1 3.3
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