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X12 Lice Shield – The Proven Patented Sea Lice solution

Garware Technical Fibres Ltd. has come up with an innovative solution that not only blocks the sea lice larvae from entering into the cage but also allows the water exchange. The patented product, X12 Lice Shield, is a special fabric that blocks the sea lice larvae from entering into the aquaculture cage but at the same time allows water exchange for fresh dissolved oxygen. The fabric is comprised of yarns that have antifouling additives in-built thereby reducing growth of fouling species.

Key Features
  • Novel Patent Pending Fabric
  • 100 times better water flow than regular lice shields
  • Maintains DO while blocking lice, macro algae, jelly fish etc
  • Minimal use of chemical treatments
  • Tailor-made as per the specific requirements
Proof of Concept

Test 1

We tested the fabric in a Chilean lab. The 3rd party tests confirmed that our X12 lice shield fabric blocked all stages of lice and still maintained a very good water flow. Below is an optical microscope image that shows the fabric blocks the smallest stages of the Sea Lice.

Test 2

We also conducted an out-of-the box test to confirm that there will be water exchange underwater as well. We fabricated a box structure with the fabric and the simulated an underwater current and introduced a blue coloured dye. The regular Polyester fabric does not allow the dye to pass through however the X12 fabric allows the dye to pass through, thus confirming that there will be water exchange in the real life scenario.

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