Case Studies

Reinforced Soil Structures
Gabion Fascia Reinforced Soil Wall KPCL, Bellary
Case Studies
Reinforced Soil Wall for Golden Quadrilateral Project at Kathipara, Chennai
Case Studies
Reinforced Soil WALL for NEC, BANGALORE
Case Studies
Case Studies
Closure & Capping of Industrial Sludge Pond at Vishakapatnam, Andhra Pradesh Case Studies
Gabion Gravity Retaining Walls
Gabion Retaining Wall along River Mulla, Sanghvi, Pune Case Studies
Gabion Wall for Flood Protection along River Tapi, Surat Case Studies
Slope Protection by Gabion Gravity Retaining Wall at Lanjigarh, Orissa Case Studies
Geosynthetic Lining
Doodhganga Canal Lining, Kolhapur, Maharashtra Case Studies
HDPE Geomembrane Lining for a Leaking Surface Water Reservoir, Ratnagiri, Maharashtra Case Studies
Lining of Lagoons for Associated Alcohols Case Studies
Rajghat Canal Lining Project, Dhatia Case Studies
Erosion Control & Embankment Protection
Erosion Control on Slopes of Jarosite Pond-1, HZL, Vizag Case Studies
Erosion Control on Slopes of Jarosite Pond-2, HZL, Vizag Case Studies
Geocell reinforced pavement at Dronagiri Node, Navi Mumbai
Case Studies
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