Reinforced Soil Structures

Reinforced soil structures (reinforced soil walls and reinforced soil slopes) are mechanically stabilized earth retaining systems that are technically proven and a cost effective alternative to the conventional concrete walls especially for the approach embankment to the bridges / flyovers. We offer the following reinforced soil wall systems.GarWall® Reinforced Soil Wall System

GarWall® is a high performance mechanically stabilized earth wall system comprising the following key components:

  1. Galvanized steel strips as main reinforcement
  2. Tie strips embedded in concrete panel for connection
  3. Anchor blocks / angles for better pull out resistance
  4. Precast RCC discrete panels


The design and methodology of the GarWall® system has been evaluated and certified be Department of Civil Engineering, IIT Delhi and the calculation procedure for the pull-out capacity has been validated by Department of Civil Engineering, IIT Madras

Geogrid Reinforced Soil Wall System

We have expertise in Reinforced Soil wall (RS wall) with Geogrids as reinforcement elements comprising the following key components:

  1. Geogrid as main reinforcement
  2. Connector for connecting the facia and geogrid
  3. Facia system
  • Precast RCC full height panel
  • Precast RCC discrete panel
  • Segmental concrete block
  • Wraparound with vegetative facia
  • Gabion facia


  • Cost-effective soil retaining structures
  • Simple and rapid construction procedures
  • Less right-of-way acquisition and need less space for construction activities
  • Stand much larger settlements
  • Flexible and capable of absorb deformations due to seismic loading or poor subsoil conditions in the foundations
  • Various facia options to provide aesthetic appearance and blend with the environment
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