GARMAT® Supreme – Erosion Control Mat

We have installed and commissioned world class state-of-the-art, fully integrated Rolled Erosion Control Product (RECP) manufacturing machine, which is capable of manufacturing versatile Erosion Control Mat’s (ECM) made from polymeric material, natural fibres as well as combination of both.  The machine has the monthly capacity to manufacture more than 3 lacs Sq.m. of Erosion Control Mat (ECM) of different strengths and grammage to meet the highest requirement for any applications of RECP’s.

Unique Features:

  • High performance product specifically engineered for erosion control
  • Achieves both channel and slope stabilization
  • High longevity of 36 Months
  • High-performance protection of topsoil from water erosion
  • Enhance quick, healthy vegetation growth
  • Easy handling, transport and installation
  • Pleasing aesthetics

Application Areas

  • Embankment and cuttings in Highways & Railway
  • Over burden dumps in Mines
  • Storm and irrigation channels
  • Canal embankments and slopes
  • Lakes Banks
  • Ditches and ponds
  • Landfill embankments and covers
  • Landscaping in commercial and residential projects
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