Flexible Rope Net Gabions (FRN)

Flexible Rope Net Gabions (FRN) are made from virgin polyester yarn or other suitable polymers. The product consists of netting and polymer ropes fabricated together in controlled environment. Lifting ring aids in connecting the bag with lifting equipment.

FRN’s are rock filled bags and are CE certified and Patented.

The product construction makes it fit for lifting designed loads and be installed with ease.

  • Mesh size 25mm/ 50mm
  • Ropes or Twines of 2mm to 14mm or as designed.
  • Lifting ring for single point safe lifting.

Garware Flexible Rope Nets (FRN) are prefabricated collapsible forms, which are fabricated by a unique process in which the main component i.e. the Netting is tied with Ropes and Lacing Twine. These nets are used to form cages of desired sizes that can be filled with boulders.

Eco friendly, Geosynthetic, Erosion and Scour protection product for coastal and river projects. Inert to corrosive coastal environment; these flexible net gabions are highly preferred for under water and coastal protection works. Stones can be filled in-situ or net gabions can be prefilled and installed in place with the help of suitable equipment.

As per the result derived from test carried out by BTTG, UK, the Product is predicted to be durable for a minimum period of 25 years when covered and maintained as stipulated on EN/ISO/BS codes.

Please refer DoP for more details.


  • River training
  • Erosion and scour control
  • Bank protection
  • Flood control
  • Embankment works


  • Single point lifting make handling the bag easy after filling for placing in desired location or site.
  • Installation along river banks and streams to control erosion and also help the sustainable vegetation to grow and integrate into the environment.
  • Forged and extremely strong lifting ring with safe working load test certificates.
Sr. No. Product Type Diameter (m) Height(m) Recommended Stone Fill Size
1 2T 1.97 0.65 >50mm
2 4T 2.20 0.85 >50mm
3 8T 3.85 1 >100mm

*Other dimensions available on request.
*Specific Gravity of Stone 2.6.
*Factor of safety considered.
*FRN is made to order designed diameter and length as per project requirements.

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