Erosion Control and Embankment Protection

  • Soil erosion is a natural process which occurs due to detachment and movement of topsoil by the action of wind and flowing water.
  • Lack of vegetation cover on slopes is often responsible for formation of rills and rain cuts eventually leading to sliding of slopes.


  • Garmat® is a high performance product specifically engineered as surface protection treatment for slopes that are subjected to erosion forces.
  • Garmat® is a composite geomat comprising a layer of bio-degradable mulching material sandwiched between two layers of polymer netting.

The biodegradable mulch material provides a high level of protection during the initial period required for the growth of vegetation. It also promotes growth of vegetation by retaining moisture and conditioning of the soil.


  • Root system intertwined with the net binds and confines the soil, resulting in a structure that is highly resistant to erosion.
  • Results in a higher density of grass cover (up to 4500Kg/ha) compared to ordinary turfing (typically 1500 Kg/ha)
  • Mulch in the Garmat also acts as a porous filter, to allow water through while retaining the soil. When the mulch biodegrades, it serves as manure for the vegetation
  • Installation is simple and easy


  • Geocell is a lightweight, expandable cellular confinement system which creates an erosion barrier or structural foundation
  • Effective erosion control measure on steep slopes
  • Fill materials:
    1. Soil (both cohesion and cohesionless)
    2. Aggregates
    3. Concrete
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