Garware Technical Fibres is India’s leading provider of fishing nets, ropes and twines for the deep sea fishing industry. We offer customized differentiated products to cater to the needs of the fishing industry across India’s vast coastline.

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Unique Features

  • Garfil Runner : High Speed
  • Garfil Nest : Less Fish Damage
  • Garfil Opener : Better Mouth Opening
  • Garfil Rocky : Cut Resistance
  • Garfil Ropes : Strong & Reliable
  • Garfil STR : India’s No. 1 Fishing Net

Voice of Customers

  • Experienced speed difference. Net is easy to haul because of its light weight. Good water flow through the net. Has had a good overall experience with the Garfil Runner net

    Mr. Arumukam Boat Owner
  • Net is easy to haul because of its light weight. Good water flow through the net, and does not absorb water. Will recommend the Garfil Runner net to other boats in the group

    Mr. Velan Boat Captain
  • SNG netting is strong and long lasting. Meshes are stable and cause lesser drag in trawling

    Isfell Iceland
  • Sapphire and olivine are very stable nettings which enables the trawl to keep its shape longer resulting in better catches over a longer period. While Sapphire’s downsizing over Olivene reduces drag, SNG’s higher compactness and firmness over Sapphire and Olivene helps retaining trawl shape

    Jackson Trawls UK
  • Sapphire/ SNG shrinkage is better than other European suppliers. SNG scores over Sapphire in shrinkage properties. Sapphire and SNG –both are equally good on abrasion

    Osprey Holland
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