Garware Technical Fibres (formerly Garware Wall Ropes Ltd.) provides a wide of variety of agriculture shade nets, sericulture nets, insect nets, fencing nets, floriculture nets, crop support nets, grape nets, anti-bird nets and staking cords that are gathering positive response amongst Indian farmer community to expand protected cultivation to increase farm productivity

Unique Features

Shade Net

  • Accurate Shade Factor
  • Increase in Crop Yield
  • High Strength
  • UV Stabilized

Insect Net

  • Accurate Mesh Size
  • Better Insect Control
  • Ideal Aeration
  • UV Stabilized


5 Years Warranty+

1st Company in India with BIS Certification for Shade Net & Insect Net*


  • This net is strong and it protects the crop a lot better than any other shade nets. Really Profitable!

    Dr. Rajendra Churi Product : Capsicum
  • I am using this net for the last 2 years and my Orchid farming has become even more profitable! This net is strong and it gives better results than any other nets.

    Rajiv Mundeda Product: Orchids
  • I use this net on my farm of exotic vegetables. It helps me to yield better quality of crops and of course, more quantity

    Tadubhau Shelake Product: Exotic Vegetables
  • I am using White Net for Capsicum production. It is definitely stronger than other nets

    Narayan Thete Product: Capsicum
  • I am a Rose farmer and I am using White net for my crops for years. It hasn’t worn out or faded in the sun even after a prolonged use

    Prabhakar Vidhate Product: Roses
  • I use White Net for my Capsicum farm and it really prevents insect damage better than other nets!

    Madhav Khaire Product: Capsicum
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