Environment friendly aquaculture cage nets. Non-copper coated organic fish farming solutions from Garware.



Close to $1 million in catch on each trip. When you cannot afford to worry about the quality of your nets, chose Garware Nets.

Shipping Industrial


Lighter Ropes for unmatched Performance.
X2 Ropes made from blended polymers stands as a benchmark in the rope Industry.

Yarn & Threads


Through the rough and tumble life of a shoe, be assured that seams won't give away. Garlon thread: the preferred brand for shoe upper stitching and string lasting.



Serves thundering down at over 250 Km/Hr! Garware Sports Nets can take everything thrown at them.

Coated Fabrics


From the icy Himalayas to the scorching Sahara, however tough the conditions, you can count on Garware Coated Fabrics to always protect your cargo.



Be it sun, sleet or snow, with Garware nets be assured that your produce will always be protected.



Environment friendly infrastructure solutions. Reinforced soil walls using steel strips (®Garwall) and Geogrids with different facia.

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  • Mejorar continuamente nuestros productos y servicios para convertirnos en socios estratégicos de nuestros clientes.
  • Trabajar empoderados, con espíritu emprendedor y alegría.
  • Aportar valor a los accionistas mediante crecimiento rentable de las ventas.
  • Fortalecer los vínculos con nuestros trabajadores y socios comerciales a través de un trato justo y equitativo; y la comunicación constante.


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Vida @ Garware


Voz de los clientes

  • Experienced speed difference. Net is easy to haul because of its light weight. Good water flow through the net. Has had a good overall experience with the Garfil Runner net

    Mr. Arumukam Boat Owner
  • Net is easy to haul because of its light weight. Good water flow through the net, and does not absorb water. Will recommend the Garfil Runner net to other boats in the group

    Mr. Velan Boat Captain
  • Octagonal based nets: materials and workmanship is excellent, so absolutely no complaint. They sit much better in the water than our existing nets as they fit the cage much better (less slack around water line) and less deflection in base. All good feedback here too.

    Guy Westbrook Operations Head – AFE
  • These are the best looking nets I’ve ever seen in the water. We expected the lead to make them hard to deal with, but they shot without a problem and the walls are hanging as if there is a sinker tube attached. I’ve never seen bases hang so well as that before, they were perfectly coned and not a ripple to be seen.

    Feedback from Scotland
  • Sapphire Ultra. So far we have not had seals or small sharks get through the net base to the dead fish, so overall we are happy with performance. My feeling is that our decision to purchase nets from Garware Technical Fibres has proven to be a good one.

    Feedback from Australia
  • The design has worked very well so they hang very nicely from the cages and have nice straight sides. Sapphire Ultra. So far we have had not seals or small sharks get through the net base to the dead fish. Good news! My feeling is that our decision to purchase nets from Garware Technical Fibres has proven to be a good one.

    Guy Westbrook Operations Head
  • We have put them onto the two cages that were being hit hardest by the seals and we have seen an immediate improvement. We realize that the seals will move to the easier nets and when they are all changed, it might be another story.

    Feedback from Scotland
  • We have been using Sportiva Cricket Batting Cage nets supplied by Garware Technical Fibres. We have installed these nets at our sites and our players of different age groups practice regularly in these nets. We have found the nets very durable and strong to withstand the impact of the ball at high bowling and hitting speed. We are extremely pleased with the performance of sportive Cricket Batting Cages.

    Dilip Vengsarkar Ex- Captain, Indian Cricket Team
  • This net is strong and it protects the crop a lot better than any other shade nets. Really Profitable!

    Dr. Rajendra Churi Product : Capsicum
  • I am using this net for the last 2 years and my Orchid farming has become even more profitable! This net is strong and it gives better results than any other nets.

    Rajiv Mundeda Product: Orchids
  • I use this net on my farm of exotic vegetables. It helps me to yield better quality of crops and of course, more quantity

    Tadubhau Shelake Product: Exotic Vegetables
  • I am using White Net for Capsicum production. It is definitely stronger than other nets

    Narayan Thete Product: Capsicum
  • I am a Rose farmer and I am using White net for my crops for years. It hasn’t worn out or faded in the sun even after a prolonged use

    Prabhakar Vidhate Product: Roses
  • I use White Net for my Capsicum farm and it really prevents insect damage better than other nets!

    Madhav Khaire Product: Capsicum
  • First and foremost, I want to again thank Garware for their swift action on this matter. Again and again Garware has shown they are a true partner. Our sincerest appreciation to all involved.

    Better Baseball USA
  • We took delivery of the shipment yesterday. All looks excellent as usual, thanks.

    Buddy Inc Canada
  • SNG netting is strong and long lasting. Meshes are stable and cause lesser drag in trawling

    Isfell Iceland
  • Sapphire and olivine are very stable nettings which enables the trawl to keep its shape longer resulting in better catches over a longer period. While Sapphire’s downsizing over Olivene reduces drag, SNG’s higher compactness and firmness over Sapphire and Olivene helps retaining trawl shape

    Jackson Trawls UK
  • Sapphire/ SNG shrinkage is better than other European suppliers. SNG scores over Sapphire in shrinkage properties. Sapphire and SNG –both are equally good on abrasion

    Osprey Holland
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