More than forty years ago, Padmabhushan awardee Mr. Abasaheb Garware founded Garware-Wall Ropes Limited on a strong foundation of excellence in quality, customer focus, innovation and enhancement of  value to all our stakeholders. This vision was carried forward by Mr. Ramesh Garware who led the company’s expansion into new markets and applications.

Our unwavering focus on our mission statement: Provide Innovative Application Focused Solutions to Enhance Value of Our Customers Globally and our core values of Improvement, Ownership, Enhance and Bonding have made Garware the preferred partner of our customers globally.

Today, Garware is respected as a trustworthy and caring brand and our products and solutions are known worldwide for their innovation, quality and reliable performance.

As the world has become modern and technically advanced, we, as a company have evolved:

  • Global Presence: Our products and solutions are marketed in more than 75 countries globally
  • Technically advanced solutions: 27 patents have been filed so far over the years. Today, technically advanced value added products and solutions made from technical fibres comprise 67% of our revenues.
  • Diverse segments and applications: Apart from ropes, we are present in many segments like Aquaculture cage nets, Sports nets, Agriculture, Coated Fabrics, Geotextiles and many more.

A few years ago, we initiated a brand study and conducted an intensive research to understand our brand equity. The research findings clearly showed that we are respected and trusted by customers worldwide.

However, there were three key challenges related to our brand:


Hence, after deep introspection, to reflect who we truly are today and for the decades to come, we decided to make certain changes:


To build a globally admired company known for innovative solutions, while preserving our rich legacy, we are now GARWARE TECHNICAL FIBRES LIMITED.

Why is ‘Technical Fibres’ our new chosen name?

Fibres or yarns are the core of what gives our products and solutions the properties to succeed in the applications in which they are employed. That is why we spend the maximum amount of time and energy in R&D for developing new features in fibres.  

This is the core of our capability. That’s why fibres.

We are a B2B company. Our products are technical products and go to customers who understand their application and the technology in which they employ our products.

Therefore they are technical.

That’s what’s our business is and will be. Since both technical and fibres are fundamental to our value proposition, we have decided to have it as our new name.

Story of our new Logo: The Garware Rising Sun

Accompanying our new name, and preserving our vision for an enhanced future, is our new logo –  Garware Rising Sun.

Our new logo encompasses our hopes, dreams and aspirations in a single expression. The Garware Rising Sun stands for all that is good in the world – warmth, progress and prosperity.

Superimposed on a globe, it captures our mission of constantly and consistently striving to deliver enhanced value to customers across the globe, through whom we positively touch the lives of countless people.

Red has always been the colour of the Garware brand and, we pledge to always stay committed to our roots and values while being passionate about value addition and excellence.

Our new positioning statement: Better Ideas in Action

Our mission drives our thinking and is the source of great ideas – be it in R&D, new processes, new ways of doing things in plants and markets, or strategy creation. But, there is no point in having a great idea on the drawing board if it is not put in ACTION. The point is the combination of our innovation, improvements and hunter mind-set is matched by an action oriented CULTURE and TEAM.

That is the core of why this statement exists: Taking these ideas and delivering them. It’s all about delivery and delivery cannot happen without action.

Garware Technical Fibres now rests on a solid foundation and is on the cusp of an exciting new phase of growth!

We welcome you to a brighter future with Garware Technical Fibres!

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